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About Bow River Hookers
Bow River Hookers is a fly fishing guide and outfitter focusing on providing quality and unique fishing experiences to the fly fishing enthusiast.

The principal guide, Tom Windsor knows the lower Bow River intimately. He knows the trout's lie and the foods the trout feed on. While the Bow has its way of humbling 'experts', Bow River Hookers are known as "The Boats with the Bent Rods". Tom has the know-how and expertise to coach you into many 'hookups'.

When you book a Bow River fly fishing trip with Bow River Hookers, you will be guided by Tom. If you book a multi-boat trip, Tom will employ other high quality, experienced, capable guides to assist, but Tom will be organizing and leading your Bow River fly fishing excursion.

Bow River Hookers operates independent of fly-shops and accommodation facilities. Its purpose is to take clients fishing, to give clients opportunity to catch hard-fighting Rainbow and Brown trout, to experience congeniality and to end the day fatigued but smiling.

Meet Owner, Tom Windsor
Tom Windsor, Owner/Operator of Bow River Hookers, assumes the bulk of the guiding duties. Tom has been fly fishing since he was 5 years old. Spending over 100 days each year on the Bow River has given him knowledge of the river that is unmatched. The tricks he has developed consistently put his guests into quality fish. His experience, along with his enthusiasm in seeing someone catch their first Bow River trout, makes him one of the best at what he does. If you're looking for a guide who will put you into trout on the Bow River, Tom has to be your choice. There is no other guide piloting a boat down the Bow River that will put you into fish more consistently than Tom. Unless Tom is otherwise engaged, he will be your escort on the river.

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Sandy Windsor has been fishing for about 10 years. Tom Windsor is the favourite guide of all fishing guides in Calgary.
Sandy and Tom Windsor, Owners of Bow River Hookers - They LIVE to FISH!

I will most definitely be coming back as soon as I can,
and your number will be the only call I'll make when I do!

Fly fishing float trips are an excellent way to impress or reward clients, co-workers, and employees. They are becoming the vehicle of choice for treating employees in team building exercises or for entertaining important out of town clients. Our season runs from April to November, with peak activity occurring in July and August. Bow River Hookers practices catch and release. Evenings and into darkness is the best time for surface activity, however pods are often encountered
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